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Popping, Tutting, Animation

Marie “Marie Poppins” Bonnevay first discovered Hip-Hop at the age of 18, in her hometown of Montpellier, France. She learned about the different elements of the culture and started training in Locking, Breaking, House and Choreography, but found her natural strength to have always been in Popping.

She made it her goal to move to the United States to learn more about the roots of Hip-Hop and finally got the chance to in college, when she was accepted as an exchange student in Chicago. There, she joined up with the Stick and Move Dance Crew and further honed her dancing skills.

Soon after her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles where she fell in love with the dance scene and started training more than ever. Marie started entering competitions and taking them left and right. She won Hip Hop International Las Vegas in 2009, Bboy Summit 2011, Step Ya Game Up New York 2012, Soul Session Norway 2013, and was a finalist at Freestyle Session 2010. She became part of Culture Shock LA and Warriors Crew, further expanding her horizons as a dancer.

By then, her intention was to start a professional dance career and take her talents to the next level. However, she wanted to first finish school and decided to move to Guadalajara, Mexico, where she got her Master’s in International Business, and also taught and shared with the Mexican culture.

In the commercial world, Marie has worked with artists such as Justin Bieber, Busta Rhymes, Ne-Yo, Celine Dion, Dj Tiesto, Rita Ora, KRS One, Snoop Dogg, Common, Ludacris, Ray J and Cascada. She was also casted in the British dance movie STREETDANCE 3D 2, has starred in many commercials (Microsoft, Budweiser superbowl, I Robot), and worked with the leading choreographers and directors in the industry.

Despite living in the US, Marie has also always made it a point to stay connected with the French Hip-Hop scene, where she travels to often to battle and teach workshops. She won Just4Ladies in Paris, the main Hip Hop competition in Europe dedicated to women, Hipopsession Nantes 2011 and was a finalist at SDK UK 2011. One of her main goals for the future is to create more exchange between LA and France, both strong Hip Hop capitals with a different history.

Marie also teaches workshops in other parts of the world and has judged competitions in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Spain, Colombia, Thailand and Russia. Her goal is to spread her knowledge of Popping, Tutting and Animation that she learned and developed in Los Angeles. She wants to continue her work in the dance industry but also give back consistently to the community.

In addition, Marie wants to stay active battling in international competitions and remain a strong force representing women in Hip Hop. She also wants to expand the art form to the theater and would love to go on tour. She worked with the choreographer Steen Koerner in Denmark on the adaptation of Carmen. She was casted for a seven months production in Sweden for the car company VOLVO with Twisted Feet Company. In January of 2013, Marie became the newest member of Style Elements Crew (www.secrew.com).



Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.


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