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Yoga for Dancers


TAMARA LEVINSON-CAMPOS, was born in Buenos, Aires, Argentina and grew up in New York City. Being a USA Olympian in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics at age fifteen, she naturally pursued dance as a career. She trained in Russia for many years under her coach Yekaterina Yakimovich. 

Tamara's versatility as a dancer, aerial artist and contortionist lead her to dancing with Madonna on three world tours (Drowned World, Re-invention, Confessions). She has also performed alongside great artists such as Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, No Doubt, Rihanna, Usher and many others.

Tamara's love for live avant-garde theatre coincided with her Argentine roots when she joined the cast of De La Guarda's "Villa Villa"- Off Broadway in New York City. There she met ingenious director Diqui James and joined his creative team to conceive the still running off Broadway hit show, FUERZABRUTA, in which she was the assistant director, choreographer and show captain. 

Ms. Levinson also had the great pleasure of working with the legendary Twyla Tharp on Broadway in The Times They Are A' Changin. Film credits include Footloose and Step Up 3-D directed by Jon M. Chu. She can recently be seen as the nun on the Virgin Atlantic safety video also directed by Mr. Chu. 

Her latest works involve her choreographing, creating alongside and assisting her husband, Director Daniel Cloud Campos. They are currently in the works on developing an original musical on film. 


The many years of performing eventually lead Tamara into choreography. She has choreographed national commercials, videos and live stage shows for artists Mana, Ricky Martin, David Guetta, Panic at the Disco, Zedd, Paramore, Death Cab for Cutie and more. Due to her diverse cultural upbringing and vast dance and aerial knowledge, Ms. Levinson's take on choreography is versatile, powerful, out-the-box, raw, freshly innovative and creatively expansive.  


Ms. Levinson has also been teaching Contemporary Jazz for over 15 years, stretching and strength, Improvisation, and MURGA (an argentine style traditional dance). She has taught at many dance schools around the world whilst on tour, as well as Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway in New York City. 

Her classes are demanding, athletic, technical and FUN but most of all, Tamara encourages her students to be themselves, be passionate, be honest and to find a heartfelt opinion through movement. In a time when dance is ruled by commercialism and branding, Mrs. Levinson-Campos prides herself on truly teaching the craft and artistry of dance from the ground up so that the her students are able to apply their skills to any style they attack and have long lasting careers such as the one Mrs. Levinson has had. Being an international professional working dancer and choreographer for over 18 years, Tamara knows what it takes to have a successful career in this industry and she loves sharing that knowledge to her students so that the future of dance continues on strong as ever.  

Most recently Tamara got certified through YOGA ALLIANCE through her teacher and mentor Ella Cojocaru. Mrs. Levinson-Campos has found Yoga to be her saving grace through all these years of dance. It has kept her healthy, flexible and strong to be able to continue dancing and performing injury free throughout her dance career and now she wishes to share her latest class YOGA FOR DANCERS along to other dancers that could benefit through her years of experience.  But most of all YOGA has brought a new consciousness of love and gratitude for our bodies and health to be able to do what we love for years to come.  

YOGA FOR DANCERS is a yoga based class focused on using the foundation of yoga to specifically assist in the needs of dancers. It creatively incorporates exercises and techniques Tamara Levinson-Campos learned while training for the Olympic Games as a Rhythmic Gymnast, combined with a smart yoga practice that provides challenging sequences based on a dancer’s needs.  The class is designed to help with balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, core and endurance. YOGA FOR DANCERS is for all levels as variations will be given throughout the class. 

***NOTE: it is encouraged that students attending this class bring their personal yoga mat. 



Picture and bio courtesy of the teacher.


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