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EDGE offers two types of Group Services: Studio and Private classes. Contact Kilah Willingham for assistance at kilah@edgepac.com.

Group STUDIO Classes

We can "group" together families, groups, visiting dance schools and corporate accounts. The set-up is easy.

1. The main group account and each participant creates their individual account on-line at our website's schedule page and by selecting Account at the top right of the page. The system walks individuals through setting up their account.

2. After each group member has created their individual accounts, send us an email that includes your main account information and the names of the linked accounts to kilah@edgepac.com.

3. After receiving your group information we will set-up your account. The main account will receive all correspondence and notices.

4. Each group participant signs-in on the class register at our front desk for each class they take.


Group Private Classes and Workshops

If you are interested in setting up a private group class or workshop please email us with your group information and a Representative will contact you with more information.

Instructions for Group Workshops Inquiries

  1. Email your request at least two months before the date you are requesting. You can also fax your request.

  2. Include this information with your request:
    a) Your contact information.
    b) Your requested dates and times and optional dates and times.
    c) Number, type of classes within workshop. Specify the teachers and we'll see if they are available.
    d) Describe the dancers for each class, quantity, skill level, age range and any other information.

  3. A Representative will contact you with more information.

Important Note: The teachers are active professionals in the entertainment industry and they may not be available. Because of this and other time restraints a sufficient amount of lead time is necessary to make arrangements.



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