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Front Desk: (323) 962-7733

Fax: (323) 962-7303

Email: info@edgepac.com

Street & Mailing Address:

6300 Romaine St, Ste 100

Los Angeles CA 90038

EDGE Office

Phone: (323) 962-7000

Fax: (323) 962-7303

Email: info@edgepac.com

Street & Mailing Address:

6300 Romaine St, Ste 120

Los Angeles CA 90038


Principals and Directors


Bill Prudich

Executive Director

Scholarship Director


Randall Allaire


Scholarship Director



Group Services

Email: eileen.marek@edgepac.com

Please see the Group Services page. Instructions for Group Workshops Inquiries

1. Email your request at least one month before the date you are requesting. You can also fax your request.

Include this information with your request:
a) Your contact information.
b) Your requested dates and times and optional dates and times.
c) Number, type of classes within workshop. Specify the teachers and we'll see if they are available.
d) Describe the dancers for each class, quantity, skill level, age range and any other information.

Important Note: The teachers are active professionals in the entertainment industry and they may not be available. Because of this and other time restraints a sufficient amount of lead time is necessary to make arrangements.

2. A Representative will contact you with more information.

Holding Class at EDGE

Email: kilah@edgepac.com

Interested in teaching at EDGE? We want to hear from you but as you can see the demand for space is high and availability is limited. There is typically a waiting list of teachers requesting space. Keep in mind that time slots on the schedule may appear open but are in fact being utilized for other purposes.

Submission instructions for teachers interested in holding class at EDGE.

1. Items to include with you submittal:

a) Your contact information.
b) Information about yourself and clientele.
c) Information about your class.
d) Your teaching resume.

e) Headshot
f) Other resumes and references.

2. Email, mail or bring your submission to our front desk.

a) Preferred email file type: PDF that includes resumes/photos. Other File Types: MS Word or compatible (PC); Photos: Jpg
b) Address mail: 6300 Romaine Street, Suite 100, Los Angeles CA 90038.
c) Hand deliveries: bring to the EDGE front desk. After review and when appropriate an appointment will be made.

3. A Representative will contact you when appropriate.

Working at EDGE

Email: kilah@edgepac.com

If you are interested in working at EDGE please submit your resume and position of interest. Send submission by email, mail or hand deliver your submission to the EDGE front desk.


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