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Bill Prudich

Founder, Principal, CFO

EDGE Executive Director, Program Director

Academy at EDGE, Executive Director

Randall Allaire

Founder, Principal, CEO

EDGE Director, Program Director

Academy at EDGE, CEO



EDGE Performing Arts Center was founded in 1992 by the L.A. DanceForce corporation. In 1989, the Founders had previously formed the L.A. DANCEFORCE International Convention and Competition (1989-2010) that was based at L.A. Dance Academy (formerly Dupree Dance Academy). When in 1991 L.A. Dance Academy closed, we opened EDGE the following year. EDGE would continue to provide tradition and a highest level of training bringing together the best of L.A. while connected with the Hollywood dance industry. Together, EDGE and the L.A. DANCEFORCE tour brought EDGE and L.A. dance to the masses in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand that was instrumental in establishing the global brand identity EDGE enjoys today.

Our original location was at the historic Television Center building in Hollywood where we were based from 1992-2021. It was an artsy creative space with four studios and views of Hollywood and the Hollywood sign. Within a few years of opening, EDGE’s annual attendance grew to over 90,000 people.

With this success, the corporation moved on to its next phase of creating more space for the studio and adding a school that will provide a bridge between the professional studio experience and postsecondary education. In 2010, we reached an agreement with Television Center that included building from the ground up the facility we wanted in a parking structure for the building. Fun fact, the studio was built where the original Metro building once stood. After numerous building delays, the facility was opened in August 2015.

After settling in, we began work on Academy at EDGE and 2018 we received approval for the academy to operate as an educational institution. The 2019-2020 school year was the academy’s first year. All three certificate programs were in operation.

We had formed a suite of corporations that include L.A. DanceForce Inc., The Dance Fund (non-profit, 2005-present) and the Academy at EDGE corporation.

2020 brought significant challenges for the corporations. The pandemic restrictions prevented us from having in-person classes forcing us to completely remarket the businesses. When in August 2020 Television Center was sold. With the pandemic and economic downturn, despite assurances to the contrary, the new owners decided to go in a different direction. By September, after 28 years, we closed the Hollywood facility.

Despite our plans to reopen in North Hollywood, in July 2021 we permanently closed both the academy and studio.

L.A. DanceForce Inc (est. 1992)
Randy Allaire - CEO, General Manager, LADF Exec. Dir., EDGE Dir.

Bill Prudich - CFO, EDGE Exec. Dir., LADF Dir.

Academy at EDGE (est. 2018)
Randy Allaire - President, CEO
Bill Prudich - Executive Director, COO, Interim Dean
Lee Dedicatoria, MBA, PhD - Chief Academic Officer
Maria Anastacio - Administrative Officer

The Dance Fund (est. 2005)
Randy Allaire - CEO, Sec, General Manager
Bill Prudich - CFO

Founders L.A. DanceForce Inc.
All of the Founders taught at EDGE and on the convention and comprised the Board of Directors.

Eliana Alexander - Board member (1992-1995)
Randy Allaire - CEO, General Manager, LADF Exec. Dir., EDGE Dir. (1992-present)
Carol Connors - VP, LADF Tour Director (1992-2013)
Keith Clifton - Board member (1992-1995)
Rhonda Miller - Sec (1992-2001)
Bill Prudich - CFO, EDGE Exec. Dir., LADF Dir. (1992-present)


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