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Our new Class-card is more flexible than ever. Single-class and 3-class cards can be used for dance and fitness. 5-class and 10-class cards are available in 2 options: Dance (only) and Dance+Fitness.  One class-card. Get moving.

Included with your class card is validated indoor and outdoor parking and FREE guest Wi-Fi so you can stay in-touch.

Class Card



Expiration Date

1-Class | Dance+Fitness



1 month

3-Class | Dance+Fitness



1 month

5-Class | Dance



1 month

5-Class | Dance+Fitness



1 month

10-Class | Dance



1 month

10-Class | Dance+Fitness



1 month

20-Class | Dance



2 months


Single Dancer: $15  •  Couple: $26

1 month

FITNESS Class • GROOV3™, Latin Jazz Fusion, Pilates for Dancers, Yoga for Dancers

* Union rate is for U.S. entertainment unions: AEA, AGMA, AGVA, SAG-AFTRA.
An active union card must be presented when purchasing a Class Card.

Parking validation for customers and guests only while taking class or participating at EDGE. Parking and WiFi limited to availability.


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Youth & Teen Classes

Adult Classes



1. To take class, participants must be registered with a signed Waiver and Release form and have a valid Class Card.

2. Casual classes are avocational and includes Teen (restricted) and Adult divisions.

3. Casual classes are open and on-going, except when noted. Dancers can attend any unrestricted open class per their age division in which they meet the minimum skill requirements of the class.

4. Proof of age may be required for dancers under 18 years of age. Acceptable documents include birth certificate, passport, state or school ID if it includes birth date.

5. International dancers visiting the US on a tourist visa can take Casual classes. These classes are not part of an educational program.


You can register on-line with MindBody, or use these handy fill-in-able PDF forms.

Accident Report (must be reported at event)

Issues and Concerns Form

Send completed forms to: manager@edgepac.com


Youth and Teen Programs (drop-in, enrolled)

Part of the Academy at EDGE

Youth Division: ages 7-10

Teen Division: ages 11-18


Casual Class (open, on-going classes)

Teen and Adult Divisions: 11 years and above.

7-10 YRS

Can take Youth Program classes only.

11-12 YRS

Can take Teen Program classes (enrolled). Can take Casual classes (Casual Class Card required), including Basic and Beginning Ballet, Basic Jazz and Jazz 1, Beginning Hip Hop and Basic Turns without receiving permission to attend. Dancers can receive permission to attend other adult open classes by receiving permission from the teacher and including the teacher's authorization in their student records. To receive permission, dancers must contact the manager at the front desk before the class begins.

13-18 YRS

Can take enrolled Teen Program classes and Teen Company (by audition). Can take Casual classes (Casual Class Card required), unless a class has an age restriction or other attendance requirement.


Can take open Casual classes unless otherwise restricted.



1. Casual Class students register on-line. Groups can register by completing a Group Registration form. Youth and Teen Program register by completing a registration form. You can download registration forms from our website and return by email or mail to complete registration.

2. If you need to register, we recommend arriving thirty minutes (30 min) before your first class to complete your registration.

3. You may register without purchasing a Class Card; however a Class Card must be purchased before taking class.

4. Before registering be sure to review our policies. Our front desk representatives are available to answer your questions.

How to Complete a Registration Form

1. Enter the date you are registering.

2. Check the box for the type of student: Regular or Professional. If Professional, enter the union information. A valid union card must be presented to finalize registration.

3. If dancer is under 18 yrs, enter their date of birth (MM/DD/YY). Proof of age may be required for dancers under 18 years of age. Acceptable documents include birth certificate, passport, state or school ID if it includes birth date.

4. Check box if you are a dancer teacher or studio owner.

5. Enter contact information.

6. As part of the registration process, dancers who provide their email address will be added to our email subscription list to receive special announcements and promotions. A welcome email includes information on how to customize your email list choices as well as how to unsubscribe.

7. Dancers under 18 yrs must include a parent/guardian name and phone number as their primary contact. They will have access to the student’s account and be contacted in the event of an issue of concern with the student.

8. Include any special medical needs in event of an emergency.

9. Initial the box acknowledging that you have received our policies.

10. Read and sign the Waiver and Release information. A parent/guardian must sign for dancers under 18 yrs.

11. Optional: complete the Class Card purchase and Payment information.

Group Registration

Groups of 10 or more dancers can register using the Group Registration Form. See Group Services. To Register as a Group:

1. Each dancer must complete a Registration form as described under How to Complete a Registration Form.

2. Complete a Group Registration Form, which establishes a group representative and contact information and consolidates the dancers’ information. If paying in advance, include the Class Card purchase for each student, and payment information.

3. Hand-deliver, email, mail or fax to EDGE to complete registration prior to your arrival.


1. Payment for class is due before taking class.

2. A Class Card is valid for the stated number of open classes and for a specified number of days. It does not represent a series of classes with any one teacher.

3. Class Cards expire depending on the card purchased. Expiration dates can be by the class, or within 1, 2 or 3 months from purchase. The Class Card chart includes the expiration date for each card. Class Cards purchased with a gift certificate expire accordingly beginning from the date the certificate is first used.

4. We do NOT notify dancers when their Class Card has expired.

5. To receive the professional tuition rate, you MUST show a current union card. Entertainment unions include: AEA, AGMA, AGVA and SAG-AFTRA.

6. All unpaid and past due classes will be charged at the single class rate.

7. All change left behind at the front desk will be credited to your account after 1 week.

8. No extensions, transfers, credits or refunds.

9. Payment is accepted in U.S. currency, by check (US accounts only), Travelers Checks, Money Order, Bank Debit Cards (EFT), MasterCard and Visa. There is a $25 service charge for returned checks.


1. All students must be registered and have a valid class card to attend class.

2. Dancers without classes who are attending a class will be asked to step out of class and purchase a Class Card before continuing.

3. All studios have observation windows. We recommend dancers watch a class before participating. We do not credit or refund classes.

4. Sign-in before each class at our Front Desk. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. If we cannot read your name, we may have to disturb you in class.

5. EDGE permits a grace period of 10 minutes from when the class starts to change your mind and not get charged for the class. If you have already signed-in for class and decide not to take the class within the grace period, you are responsible for crossing your name off the sign-in sheet by drawing a single line through your name. Do not make your name unreadable or we will not be able to credit your account.

6. Dancers arriving more than 15 minutes late to class must have the permission of the teacher to join the class.

7. The teacher determines who can attend their class and whether the student demonstrates the minimum abilities required for the level.

8. The teacher determines the number of dancers allowed in their class. Teachers may restrict and put a limit on attendance.

9. Traditional classroom etiquette is observed. Disruptive students may be removed and barred from a class or the studio. Parent/guardian may be contacted for students under 18 yrs.



12. Please WIPE YOUR SHOES ON THE FLOOR MATS BEFORE ENTERING THE STUDIOS. Please be mindful when wearing street shoes into the studios.

13. NO FOOD, GUM OR OPEN LIQUID CONTAINERS allowed inside the studios.


15. Please bring a towel or exercise mat to avoid perspiration, body oils and lotions from transferring to the floors. Report all damp and wet floors immediately to the teacher or manager. Avoid this area and do not dance on any damp or wet area.

16. Please silence phones while in class.


1. The teachers at EDGE are also choreographers, coaches and performers and their availability may vary. Should a teacher become unavailable, another teacher will be offered the space.

2. We do not notify individual dancers when a teacher becomes unavailable to teach their class.

3. Observers are not allowed in the studios at any time.

4. Minors who are not participating in class must be accompanied by a chaperone. Disruptive individuals may be restricted from visiting or attending class at EDGE.

5. VIDEO RECORDING RESTRICTED. EDGE respects the privacy of our customers. STILL PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDERS ARE RESTRICTED AT ALL TIMES INSIDE THE STUDIO. Photography and video recording of reception and classes is prohibited without the permission of the studio (see manager), the teacher and anyone captured.

6. NOTE TAKING IS PROHIBITED unless the note taker has the permission of the teacher and is paying for the class.

7. DO NOT LEAVE DANCE BAGS or any other personal item unattended. EDGE and the teachers are not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

8. Found personal items such as clothing and shoes are placed in the Lost and Found bins. The bins are emptied every two weeks.

9. Report all accidents and injuries immediately to the teacher and our front desk staff. Accidents and injuries must have an Accident Report issued at the time of the event. An Accident Report form is available at our front desk.

10. Pets are not allowed. Only service animals are allowed in the building.

11. EDGE is a private business. The use of EDGE's public WiFi is for EDGE customers (only) and by the terms set forth at WiFi sign-in.

12. Loitering is prohibited. EDGE reserves the right to refuse service.

13. Schedule is subject to change without notice.


1. Disruptive customers may be removed and barred from a class or the studio.

2. EDGE is a violence-free, discrimination-free, harassment-free studio. Policy includes but is not limited to violence, threats, or implied threats of violence and intimidation, destruction of property; discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, creed, color, age, gender, sexual or gender identity, or disabilities; harassment at any time or place whether verbal, written or otherwise, including sexual harassment, hate crimes and bias-motivated incidents.

3. As a studio dedicated to fostering the dignity of each person, EDGE strives to encourage learning and promote justice. The studio seeks to create an environment that is free of exploitation and unlawful harassment or discrimination that undermines the integrity of the studio. EDGE strongly discourages consensual relationships of a dating, intimate and/or sexual nature between teachers or staff and any customer.

4. Report emergencies and issues of concern to a manager. An Issues and Concerns Statement form is available at our front desk and on our website. EDGE provides for anonymous statements. Delivery instructions are on the form.

5. EDGE prohibits retaliation against any person who in good faith reports violations of these policies.

6. EDGE also prohibits the filing of knowingly false or misleading reports or information.

7. False statements, illegal actions, violations of policies or community standards are reasons for refusal of service.


We validate parking for each class you take.

The parking lot is now fully automated and charges a standard parking fee. Fees are posted at the parking entrance. Parking machines accept credit cards only that are located at each exit.  There is a Security and Parking Office next to EDGE in the unlikely event of an issue.

EDGE visitors can park anywhere in the parking structure or outside lot, except for spaces that are marked "Reserved" or similar restriction.

Parking availability is not guaranteed. Park and lock your vehicle. EDGE is not liable for fire, theft or damage to or loss of the vehicle or any article therein. No bus, trailer, camper or motor home parking. No overnight parking. Improperly or illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing at the owners expense.


Dancing is a strenuous activity from which injuries could arise. EDGE Performing Arts Center, L.A. DanceForce, Inc., the teachers and employees are not liable for personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to personal property. Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform EDGE and instructor of any physical limitations you may have. If you are in doubt as to your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating. I represent that I am, or my child is, physically able to participate in all activities. I hereby authorize any and all medical attention to be administered to myself or child, in the event of accident, injury, sickness, etc., under the direction of EDGE Performing Arts Center, until such time as I or the appointed emergency contact person may be contacted. I assume the responsibility for the payment of any such treatment. I have notified EDGE of any special medical needs or information required for myself or child. I, for myself, my child, my spouse, heirs, legal representatives and assigns, expressly release, waive, discharge and hold harmless EDGE Performing Arts Center, and L.A. DanceForce Inc, its officers, directors, employees, teachers, agents, successors, predecessors, sponsors, legal representatives and assigns from all claims, demands, losses, actions, judgments, suits, executions and liabilities of any kind. In addition, this release is for the entire premises of EDGE Performing Arts Center, including but not limited to common areas, restrooms, changing rooms, studios, offices, sidewalks, stairwells, elevators, parking areas and grounds and any location an activity may be held.


1. Customer records and account information are confidential.

2. Verification of identity is required to access records.

3. For dancers under 18 yrs, the parent/guardian listed on the registration form also has access to the customer's records.

4. Customer records are ordered by written request by completing an Authorization to Release Records form. Request must include the signature of the customer and payment (when applicable). Order forms may be hand delivered, emailed, mailed or faxed. Phone orders are not accepted. EDGE provides up to two reports per year at no charge (excluding service and postage fees). Additional reports are $3 per report. Processing times vary per the selected service level. For Regular Service: allow 7 days to process your request. Rush orders: allow 48 hours to process your request ($15 Rush service fee). All copies are sent by first-class mail unless otherwise specified. Express delivery (FedEx, UPS, and Express Mail) is available. Postage and delivery fees apply.



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